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Tomy Houndoom retouch

I have been thinking about making a little alteration to my extra tomy houndoom for awhile,
and today I had a few free hours to play around!

he is still in progress, but I was excited and wanted to share with you ;)


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new houndoom tcg *-*

I just saw this lovely card and had to share it ;3

I am so happy <333 Gorgeous pose!!

Here is the link if you want to read more:


Want list <3

its my frist time to make a want list, if you have any of this items contact me ^^ i would love to buy them or make nice trades (i have some nice zukans to trade including mightyena line, absol, manectric line, johto starters and many others zukans).

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Some pics of my collection <3

Hi ^^

I am new in the community i would like to show you some pics of my collection =3

Here are some of my fav poki *-*

Now some of the eeveelutions =3

I got Jolteon, Eevee and sitting Vaporeon from Skdarkdragon, thank you =D

i also received this 2 lovelly ones from Skdarkdragon, thanks!

Here are some of my cards collection, i will show you the eeveelutions (don't want to bore you):

i will update with more pics soon ;)
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i am pokemon fan from spain, i love to collect eeveelutions and many more.

hope to meet a lot of friends ;)